Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Devil wears PRADA

Today marks the day when I own my first designer purse with an authenticity certificate card. My first time is a PRADA.

The purse wasn't a gift from B but a personal installment plan. Being a typical girl, I wished it was a gift. But in the end, with the installment plan offered, I don't mind as well, thinking at the end of the day, I do not want an expensive gift to complicate our young relationship. Initially I asked him if I could loan his credit card for the installment plan. Honestly, the request for loan is not a plot to get the purse as a gift from him. Coincidently, C couldn't offer me her credit card for installment plan due to financial reasons. Much to my dismayed, after I asked B, he told me he couldn't as well. And somewhere in between, in turned out to be a personal installment plan from him. At this point, I would say, it marks the first time that I get a personal installment plan from my ** as well.

Looking at both the first times I had today, an idea popped up to my mind. Let's make it a thrice! I shall post pictures to my blog for the first time, which shall be my proudly owned PRADA.

The gold PRADA logo goes oh-so-well with the red leather. Snapped it with Leme Leme application from my Iphone, adding the effect of light leak camera, KIR royal lens and black standard frame, my PRADA purse looks magnificent and artistic.

Tried another one with tilt shift camera, KIR royal lens and classic frame....

As per actual, without any application effects, it doesn't very look artistic but it's a piece of art from PRADA.

This evening, upon receipt of the FEDEX parcel in my hands, B told me, "You could've own an Ipad instead of this."

I replied him, "I don't need an iPad. I need a PRADA."

With my notes, coins, receipts, identity cards, driving license, ATM cards, credit cards, member cards and etc stashed in, it's good to go and ready for use!

Enough of playing time for me. Time to work twice as hard to work up the hole I've burnt in my purse. The old purse, of course ;D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mastering the "Benefit of Doubt"

Went through some posts from my Iphone today, forgotten what applications they were, but somewhere in between I saw the phrase that the benefit of doubt came from the Bible..

I'm not a Christian or Catholic, whichever way, I'm not very religious. Talking a half guess, I kinda understood the meaning when C quoted it to me for the umpteenth time while we were a couple.

He always complained that I'd never gave him the benefit of doubt. Why should I? Those were one of the thoughts back then. For me to give him the benefit of doubt, I thought he should do something to prove that he deserved it. But based on his historical statistics, he didn't manage to earn that "BENEFIT".

But today, as I were chatting happily away with WY on some small talks and updates of my relationship with B, she said, "Your tolerance and patience limits with B is quite high. Given the same situation with C, I think he could've ended up with various stitches on his head." God knows which incident she was referring to and I shall not go back there to tell a story which is simply a "HISTORY" now.

Now that I'm about to call it a day and rest myself in the bed, this thought came to me...
I give you the benefit of doubt. I thought these words will never come out of my mouth or cross my mind, but they did. ** Applause **

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My love hate relationship with "Smoking"

I'm a chain smoker. The pros of smoking: It's a real time killer and it goes so well with drinks. Nope, I don't think smoking is cool. It's just a bad habit that I lack the determination to quit. 

The cons of smoking: Dozens. Dullness in my skin tone. Lips which are no longer pinkish. Yellowish teeth. Bad breath. My hands don't smell sweet. Puts a hole in my purse. Shorten my life by another 10 or 20 years... 

I know...... I know...... 

But then, when there's someone else who keeps nagging you at your bad habit. Giving you that disapproving look each time u lit a cigarette. Despising your breath of smoke. Hinting at every chance the cons of smoking. 
I just want to say aloud, "GIVE ME A BREAK!!!"

Each time when I'm about to lit a cigarette in his presence, I could visualized his disapproving expression. Out of guilt, I actually asked, "Can I smoke?" This is no fucking smoke free country and this is no fucking smoke free zone. Why the fuck do I have to ask if I can smoke??? I'll just fucking lit a cigarette and inhale deeply the nicotine and tar to my lungs, so long as I feel like it. ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH..... 

Alright, sanity bell ringing. I know in this new era, people are health conscious and so should I. Smoking is no longer labelled as cool. In fact, it makes you look trashy when you are smoking. The price of cigarettes are flying up high, price in-elasticity, as the economist would call it. And I know, the sight of the dull skin tone, yellowish teeth and finger nails, purplish lips, is far far away from the word "attractive". But it's so darn hard ......... with all the nagging....... 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The daunting Burberry case

Forgotten how it all began, but the idea of him buying me a gift was one of our topics of the night. I love presents, who wouldn't?

Within days, we ended up strolling in the Gardens. Walked in to the Mac City to get myself a universal dock, but the accessory wasn't design to work like the way I thought it would. Which was a perfect excuse for me, as I already have another item sitting in my literal shopping cart.

The gorgeous Burberry purse was what I wanted. Drop him some subtle hints and we were there queuing in front of the Burberry shop. With one hand holding me and the other hand fidgeting with his phone (he's a total anti-social gadget person), we stood in the line for a few minutes. In that few minutes, out of nowhere, I seemed to be daunted by the Burberry purse as a gift.

 I turned to him and say, "Let's go, I don't feel like queuing to get in to the Burberry shop." I'm such a liar. Egoistic, I wouldn't want a gift just because I knew I couldn't afford it. I'll just stick to my lousy DKNY purse with my head held high as I walk away from the Burberry shop. I'll get that check print purse some other day, when I can afford it or with someone I'm more comfortable with.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Green is the new black in fashion, but it's not in others. When will I understand this concept???

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Astonishing career offers within weeks

2nd week of May:

Went for an interview with Tesco, after much urges from an ex-colleague. He was a great help, providing advises on how to present my resume in an impressive way, insights of the background of Tesco without myself lifting a finger on Wikipedia or Google so as to make the adequate last minute research of the Company, tips on the questions to expect during 1st and 2nd interviews including the suggested or ideal answers and nevertheless the 101 reasons for me to leave PwC for Tesco. There were some elements of selfishness in his various gestures, perhaps he just wanted more "one-of-a-kind" in his team or perhaps it was his reputation at stake after him selling me hard to his bosses, irregardless of whatever the reasons behind it, the gratitude for his actions have anchored itself within me. After the 1st and 2nd interview, I got the offer informally. Informally in the sense that my ex-colleague has informed me that his bosses have short listed me and they are patient enough to hold the position vacant for the next two months, in the benefit of me. However, offer letter has yet to be issued and there were no expected date communicated to me on the issuance of it. Merry me, when the news were made known to me. Rushed home to celebrate the good news... but... ended up drinking alone with one of my many favourites of Single Malt brands, Highland Park till 3 am.

3rd week of May:

Got head hunted by Kuwait Finance House. Scheduled an interview on 6th June 2011. Can feel my increasing marketability. The head hunted interview is a boost to my self confidence. I'm within the mass market.

1st week of June:

Astonishingly, I was head hunted again by another recruitment agency for an oil and gas company. I was given the opportunity to work on the shared service team for Middle East market or the Europe market with working shifts suiting to the respective markets office hours. Middle East would be 12.30pm to 9.30pm whereas Europe market would be 4.30pm to 1.30am. I thought to myself, this is perfect for me. I'm not a morning person. Feeling ecstatic, rushed home to celebrate and to receive a bear hug or a pat on the shoulder for my various recent career opportunities... but... a private jet ended up at my place (meaning fong fei kei in Chinese a.k.a he didn't turn up for the date). Disappointed? Slightly, but I understand the fact that he will leave in near future and I might as well not develop the dependency for his presence, care or concern in my day-to-day life.

Was boasting to a friend on my various career opportunities and the conversation goes:-

Me: I actually got head hunted once a week.
Him: Wah, best. Belanja makan. I'm happy for you.
Me: Haven't accept the offer yet.
Him: Haven't accept also belanja.
Me: Crazy, it's like I didn't win the lottery but can buy the bungalow.
Him: Eh, go for interview first. Polish your skills. Get offer letter like getting medals. Then reject them like reject men. (I almost fell off the chair laughing at his last comment)

He's right in a way. I do feel the "wanted-ness" with these various career opportunities within these few weeks. It's as though I'm 18 once again and there's various men lining up in the queue for me. Except the difference this time is, I know I've worked hard for this reward and the amount of effort I put in my career is going to give me the equivalent reward or perhaps the expected reward in return. Very different from relationships, when results are always in an ambigous stage.

I'm a freako. After babbling for an hour or so, I can manage to relate work/career to relationships??? What the heck.. Let's call it bewilderment and let's call it a night.