Friday, August 26, 2011


Most couples spend their last few precious moments treasuring and enjoying each other's company. But we don't. We spend the last few precious moments snapping at each other. Gone is his politeness while conversing with me and gone is my patience to him taking over my room, snappish attitude and unpunctuality. 

A friend has once quoted that perhaps it was merely infatuation rather than love. At that moment, I half agreed with her. But never did it occur to me that it will turn into, getting onto each others' nerves.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hong Kong trip in 2010

The trip was more than a year ago. It was a short 3D2N trip, in celebration of my birthday. As my 2nd Hong Kong trip is nearing (some time this October), I browsed through the pictures that we took previously, reminiscing the fun times I had there with C.

It was freezing for me, 18 degrees. (Alright, maybe it's not freezing for everyone but it is for me!) And she had to force me to have that freaking expensive mango dessert with her at Temple Street, Hong Kong. (When mangoes are abundant and cheap in Malaysia).

Look at below, me trying so darn hard to smile when I'm actually shivering....

I've been watching Hong Kong TVB series since childhood, like most Malaysian Chinese kids do. Had always thought that the curry fish-ball should be delicious but not very spicy. Me finally had a tried of it, "Yup, it's delicious. Nope, it is not not-very spicy. Who says Hong-kie can't take spicy food????? "

My first experience with Disneyland. It's pretty small and we spent less than half a day in there. But for the sake of "Disneyland", I just have to go and take a look....

Alright, the Mickey garden was impressive ... (it's my first Disneyland what... )

So are the Mickey balloons...

Just to be in the "Disney" mood, I bought myself a Minnie Cap. By C's request, we bought ourselves each a Mickey Scrunchie. After our trip, she passed the scrunchie to her puppy as a toy. (Bitch.... )

The Merry-Go-Around was the only ride we took. There aren't any thrilling rides. Even the Merry-Go-Around took us a 30 minutes queue...

My first experience with Lam Kwai Fong. The crowd was breath-taking (Exaggerating? Nope, I'm not. I'm a party lover. I love crowds and drinks.)

Caught in the act...

The above story ended there. Me and C headed back to the hotel and continued cam-whoring.....

Although it was a very short trip, I enjoyed myself very much there. Am looking forward to the coming trip in October.....

Saturday, August 13, 2011


"Do you know what vodka is made out of? Potato. Do you know what stout is made out of? Barley. Do you know what beer is made out of. Malt. You have to know the source of what you are consuming."

Okay, I did know about the last two but I didn't about the first. Not that I'm doubting his statement but as I wrote the post, out of curiosity, I googled the source of vodka. Yup, it's made out of fermented potatoes.

"Do you know what does the song 'Fly like a G6' means? There's this luxurious business jet, Gulfstream 650. When they sing fly like a G6, it was referring to that jet."

I was impressed when he told me that, not knowing the fact. Months later, I read the same fact in a flight magazine. Perhaps he read it from the magazine as well, but months ahead of me.

"You know a person have to be vain in order to keep looking good."

Never thought that vain and looking good comes hand-in-hand. But now that he has mentioned it, it seems to be quite a true statement.

"Didn't you know that I'm doctor-know-it-all? Dear, TMJ is Tengku Mahkota Johor for short."

At that moment, he was so vain but yet captivating. 

"You and I, are kinda alike in many ways."

Alike??? Really??? I'm afraid to be like him.... 

And I realised, it has been one year since I got to know this person.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Block

At a road block...

Police: Dari mana ni
Me: Balik dari kerja. (yawning)
Police: Kerja apa ni? Lewatnya...
Me: Auditor
Police: Lewatnya. Nanti u kena kidnap. Kerja apa ni?
Me: I pun tak tau. Pagi sampai malam. Banyak letih. Sekarang nak balik tidur saja (yawning)
Police: Ok. U balik tidur sekarang.

Sorry dudes. This is Manglish. You can only understand this if you are a truly Malaysian.