Monday, November 28, 2011

Hong Kong 2011

Our long awaited Hong Kong trip was fun filled. 

Our itinerary was made up of shopping, eating, sight seeing, etc. The food were scrumptious and mouth watering. H&M is a great place to shop. Ok, I'm done with blogging on our itinerary. 

Let's reminisce about those small talks and lame jokes which the laughters of them, are still very much vivid in my mind

HK Day 1

On our grand entrance to the magical Disneyland, we came upon the first stall selling all the pretty and cute Disney merchandise...
Us: Can we just take some pictures with the merchandise without making any purchases? (cheapskate to the max)
Salesgirl: Yeah sure, go ahead.
Me: Ooh, I love this Mickey glove. C, photo me in this.
C: Pretend you are grabbing WY
Me: Yea yea. (excited in pretending to grab WY)
We sounded so "salah". It was Disney. How can we be pretending to grab each other with the cute Mickey glove???

Of course I'm not going to post a picture of me grabbing WY here. This is the cute Mickey glove that I grabbed WY with :D

Our first show in Disney, Golden Mickey (A play with Disney characters dancing & singing)
Us: Ooh, Tarzan is so muscular and hot (drooling)
C: Yeah, didn't expect Disney to have such hot and sizzling play
Me: He's half-naked. So hot.
WY: Tarzan's character is suppose to be half-naked.
This bunch of women just can't stop being in the "salah" Disney mood.

HK Day 2

After a long exhausting day of shopping in City-gate and karaoke-ing, we went to bed at almost 4 am in the morning. Me and WK strongly agreed for all lights to be switched off during bedtime. WY being the last to bed were supposed to switch off all the lights...
Me: WY, there's still lights on. Please switch off all of them.
WY: Switch off all the lights? I'm scared...
WK: Don't be silly. There are four of us in the same room. What are you scared of?
WY: Where's the switch?
WK: Try the switch at this side.
WY: No, it's not.
Me: Try the switch at the other side.
WY: No, it's not. I don't care! It's too dark. I'm scared. I don't want to switch off all the lights. I'm going to bed now.
The "Beh Tahan Already" C got out of bed and switched off the last light bulb annoying me and WK to sound sleep. The next day, WY got the new nickname of "Princess".

HK Day 3

In Ocean Park, we took the cable car to the peak with my sweaty palms and new found fear of heights. Arriving at the peak, we took a boat ride, walked around and came upon a train ride...
Me: Let's take this train ride.
(All of us went into the train. While riding, we patiently waited for the exciting moment of the ride. The ride ended, but nothing half intriguing came along)
Us: Is that all? (rolling our eyes)
Me: Yeah, even kids can't be con by this ride.
Us: Eh, where is this? I think we just came down from the peak with the train. Ooh, the train is an alternative to cable car for those who are afraid of heights. Ocean Park is so well planned!
Aren't we a bunch a sweet bimbos :)

HK Day 4

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum was one of my must visit places in Hong Kong as I was eager and excited to take pictures of myself with wax figures of internationally-known personalities.
Me: Ooohh.. I want to pretend I'm Marilyn Monroe. WY, take picture for me
WY: Ok
*Snap Snap*
Me: I look like "Lik Soo" more than Marilyn Monroe.
C: Let me try...
*Snap Snap*
C: I look like a "Lawyer" more than Marilyn Monroe.
Turned out, our wannabe ac were few of the most hilarious moments in Hong Kong
Failure of Marilyn Monroe Wannabe

We came along the Sumo figure and somehow B went along with our wannabe session, despite him commenting earlier that the wigs and costumes were extremely unhygienic.
C: Let me help you out
WY: PY, go help them out as well
PY: Ok
(The two of us fidgeted B with the costume for a while and managed to get him through it. B happily posed for the camera as we took photos of him in it. But.....)
WK: Err..., I think B got the costume wrong. The front of the costume went to the back of B
The moment we took a close look at the costume on B, we realised the nipples of the Sumo figure were at his back rather than his front. And we burst into hysterical laughter and tears almost roll down my cheek

Sumo costume gone wrong

HK Day 5

We made it to LKF on Friday night with the sole objective of downing some chilled beer and checking out some hot guys. In the end, our tummies were filled with beer and almost every corner of our eye-sights were filled with hunks. On top of that, our bonus of the night was a lesson on few of the lamest-pick-up-line/gesture ever:
Guy 1: Can I buy you girls some drinks...
WK: No thanks...
(Guy 1 not giving up yet and in between the conversation lines, he knelt down and gave her a kiss on her forehead)
WK: *Speechless* (Eeww... That's a bit over isn't it!)

Guy 2: There's a piece of tissue stuck to your shoes
C: Ok, thanks for informing
(after awhile...)
Guy 2: There's a piece of tissue stuck to your shoes
C: Ok, thanks again (Don't he get it? I don't mind or I don't care if there is tissues sticking to my shoes or not!)

Guy 3: Hi, nice to meet you
Me: Hi, nice to meet you as well
Guy 3: Where are you from? How often do you come here?
Me: ******** (With my hands covering my nose and mouth, I mumbled some answers to his questions. Reason being, he has got bad breath!)
And we laughed our hearts out that night for those "extra-ordinary" pick up lines.

HK Day 6

We had to move out from Louis' Hut as we didn't manage to book it for our last night in Hong Kong. We checked ourself into another smaller but more expensive hotel in Waterloo Road. Later in the evening, strutting along SOHO and Arena of Stars, sprinkled with facts and some creativity in imaginations, this is how we remember Louis...
Us: We miss Louis' Hut
C: Yeah and the bathroom which need the "Pump x 5 times" for unclogging
WK: If Louis had a hidden camera recording his guests in the bathroom, he must have been very turned off with that "Pump x 5 times" act.
Me: Nah, he'll probably be more turned on with the bent down position while C "Pump x 5 times"
Let's not get into too much details. In summary, it's funny how we fantasize Louis fantasizing about us.

HK Day 7 & Post HK Syndrome
Couldn't dig any further to my memories for jokes on our day 7.

Our Hong Kong trip lasted for 7 days but I'm pretty sure our jokes during the trip will last forever in my memories. And I make sure they last by writing it down here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blinded by?

Decade ago, I or many of us tell others, "You are blinded with love."

Today, I told a friend, "Some people are blinded with the idea of settling down, untill the reality hits."

So true, in a way, to me, at least.