Monday, December 10, 2012

Smiley Face

Recent comments were I smile a lot. Do I? And they say, "Yeah, you do." Strange. Never thought of myself as such a happy person. But after receiving the comments that I smile a lot, which was a positive comment I guess, and hence I've been smiling more than I would usually, subconsciously. If a smile really do brighten the day, as you say, I'll just give you my megawatt smile whenever possible :)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The House of Dancing Water, Macau

Can't wait to watch this in January 2013.

The House of Dancing Water Theater was designed by world-renowned architects Pei Partnership and scenic designer Michel Crete. Unique in its kind, The House of Dancing Water Theater special design create a climate of intimacy between the audience and the performers.
The Pool

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm a fool

Heartbroken, sort of. Again and again. PY or Jodie, I'm confused. My name is as confusing as my thoughts. See, I can't even differentiate whether I'm heartbroken or I'm merely agonized by the fact that I was left before I leave. To conclude, there's this pinch of pain in my heart. I'm not sure of the cause of this pain, whether it's loneliness or the particular person or the stupid emotional songs I'm blasting through my earphones while the songs play their tricks on my mind (now it's playing Celine Dion, All by Myself. How pathetic can this get?). I reckon it's the person.

First of all, why do I have to fall for a jet-setter? Naively, from the little gestures, I thought he's different. Different in my own definition, is that you can find some old school pinch of gestures within a bad ass man. Yeah, I lured myself into believing that. The worst part was, I allowed things to run out of control. And the most unforgivable part was, I have to slipped on the very last day. Composed for so many days and you have to slip on the very last day? Jodie .. Jodie ... When will you ever learn your lesson?

 Fuck... Damn it. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I love Mr Ego

I hate egoistic man but I tend to fall for those with the biggest ego issue. Damn, what's wrong with me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Someone to remember

Benny. Born on 15th Feb 1983. I'll remember that. :)

Honesty being an old school thought

The way my mom brought me up, honesty is the best policy. Though, she brought me up believing this in a stringent way. And if you are wondering what exactly does stringent way means, it means I get beaten up like one hell whenever I tell a lie. Nah... that's not child abuse. Being an 80's baby in a small town, that's not child abuse. I love her as much, despite all.

So all the years, I believed in it. Believed in honesty being the best policy. I still do right now.

But the thing is, in life sometimes we just prefer sugar-coated words. Without a second thought of whether it's true or not, sugar-coated words is simply sweeter, provided the fact that you didn't sugar coat it in a way that it's being overboard.

Putting some examples into the picture, I could've told WY how jerky the other guy was and how bitchy the other girl was, but usually I'll ended up with some not-so-nice comments. Being fair and objective, I told what was in my mind, which was the truth from my perspective. But you can't be upset if a person is being honest, right? However, putting myself in her shoes, I know the sugar coated words would have made her felt better about the situation.

I guess at times, if I can't lie be it white lies or the other, I should just learn to shut my mouth up. At least silence in away, could be concurring to the statement. Or neutral.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love is in the air

You've got such an addiction with the other person that you couldn't stop thinking about him every hour of the day... (I'm not gonna say it's every minute of the day though every minute of the day seems to rhyme better than every hour of the day, simply because the latter is the truth and I'm not a teenager which makes it impossible to think of a person every minute of the day as we do have a life to live :P)

I tried my best in refraining myself from messages or all means to be in touch with him every now and then. To be honest, messages alone is insufficient, meeting up would have been the best.

Sounds like I'm not thinking straight huh... But it's kinda sweet because it has been quite awhile since my heart can race so fast, in regardless of whether he's right in front of me or not.

The funniest part is, to suppress my irrational thoughts and to control myself.... I'm actually numbing myself with alcohol. That way, I can just go sleep in an unconscious mind. Too tired to think and react to the stupid thoughts.

LIfe as a Property Agent 2

Month 1

Rent a unit
Sold a unit

Month 2

Rent 7 units
Sold a unit

Month 3

Rent 4 units
Sold a unit

Overall conclusion.. Rewarding but it's not as easy as it seems. Exhausted myself to the max.... But looking at the reducing debts... I know there's hope and it can go further. :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting to know yourself

There are certain traits of yourself that you thought you would never change,i.e. I know I will always be etc etc, I know I will never be etc etc, I know I want to be etc etc. We claimed ourself of whom we are or whom we will be, in a naive, prideful and arrogant manner. BUT.. Welcome to the ageing process. There are certain sides of yourself that you never know it existed, untill it choose to make a grand entrance into your thoughts, your mind and your life.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life as a beginner property agent

In bombastic term, they call it Real Estate Negotiator... In layman term, they call it Property Agent.

Can't recall how the idea of me venturing into this profession all started, but it was somewhere in between the lines of, "My financial capability is stretch to the cap like the cap and floor of options and I need real hard cash badly to settle my debts. If all turns out well, I might even afford the down payment for my much sought after first property of my own."

So with the wild idea on my mind, I made two calls to friends whom are property agents, asking for a favor of networking me into the realty company. Within the day, I went out for a coffee session with the said friend and ended up strutting into the realty company, meeting the boss like a piece of blank, white and crisply fresh piece of paper in the property industry.

Somehow by luck, the boss accepted me as a part timer (which they claimed historically they'd never hired one). Next I waited the call of a free training session as promised. (MNC realty companies charge newly recruit agents for training).

Being optimistic, I went up to the office the following week, naively thinking I'll be provided with training, name cards, access card, email address and property listings. Nope, lady luck was not on my side this time, perhaps she has exhausted herself after the first time luck she decided to bless me. I attended the full day training by my team leader but the rest of the resources were yet to be provided. He told me patience is the key word. I left the realty company after that full day training feeling puzzled. Why the obstacles given if they were keen in hiring me, as they mentioned they were.

The third week, total silent from the realty company. During the weekend, I lamented to the friend who has helped me to pull the network, "They are not responding and I wonder why...." The next day, I received a call from the team leader, announcing to me, "Congratulations, you are officially accepted as an agent of our company. Welcome to our company!" After hanging up, myself confused again, didn't the boss welcome me as their agent on our first meeting?

The fourth week, I went to the realty company again... This time more fruitful, received the access card, website training, on site viewing and one vacant property available for rental (yeah... still no name cards, email address and property listings). The next day after my desperate efforts to impress the team leader that I am a MOTIVATED, KEEN & SERIOUS AGENT, I finally got the property listing. But each potential tenant that I talked to, each cold calls that I made, each arrogant buyers (I'm not referring to certain buyers but most buyers are arrogant and snobbish to property agents) that I approached, I was required to report the details to my team leader. Thinking to myself, "Damn... I'm not a kid or fresh graduate student here. Just let go and stop the strict monitoring on me, OKAY!"

After much hard work, I've finally gained the trust and acknowledgement from my team leader. He gave me the freedom that I've long yearned. Like a kid, happily being set free from a grounding session, I started approaching the potential tenants, buyers and owners. After two tiring and mind exhausting days, I begin to appreciate my team leader's training of soft skills (a.k.a not telling the truth at times which I strongly and silently disagreed when I was taught of it) and I begin to appreciate his strict monitoring of my activities. All is meant for my own good and at times though I may not like it, not telling the truth would have helped more than telling the truth. I can feel the pain now, it's not really that easy and straight forward.

Currently struggling at the beginner stage, where I have owners but no tenants and tenants but no owners. Crossing my finger, I hope my first attempt will succeed tomorrow (be it a sale or rent of property). Like I tell WY and C, this is not easy. Of the 100 opportunities that come along, if 10 are closed deals, I'm considered lucky. It may be tough and non rewarding in this beginning stage, but so long as I believe and continue trying, life is hopeful.

My first unit with real taken photo and not copied from the website

Monday, June 25, 2012

The City and Us

Melancholy mood is at times an addiction. Girlfriend of mine has been telling me how blue she is but yet when I questioned her the reason to her gloominess, she couldn't tell me the reason, but to brush off the matter as, "I'm simply blue and bored."

Loneliness? Crisis of hitting the digit 3? Melodramatic? I can't find another adjective to describe her feelings. But somehow, I understand. There's just this bit within us that thought if we were more financially comfortable, we would have been happier... But yet, it's not the money which causes this confused mind of us.

It's just the bustling city, the exhausting rat race, the malicious materialism, the endless traffic jam and the coldness of being alone, which made us forget why we were here, what were we trying to achieve, who are we, which is the right path and how did we become who we are right this moment. Looking at the mirror, this stranger like face, I asked myself, where did all my ambitions go? Long drown by the hectic life in this city called, Kuala Lumpur. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Shouldn't Give Up

One of my latest addictions is an application game on my iPhone called "Oh Sushi". This addiction has lasted for more than 6 months. Comments from my housemates were,

"PY, you still playing that game?" or
"PY, go take your shower and stop playing with the game..." or
"PY, time for bed and stop playing with the game..."

That's my level of addiction in an application game which was "free" when I downloaded it. Others would have thought it was merely an indulgence in addictive games. But somehow, myself would partly explained this latest addiction as, "I'm stalling as I'm unhappy about my work/career and hence I have resort to this brainless but yet addictive game."

Having said that, that was how I reacted to failure or to be optimistic, a temporary downtime in my career, things will pick up soon and eventually. A hideaway with an apple product. But I'm not giving up, not yet.

Today, I picked up a call from my girlfriend, naively thinking that it was just a call for drinks which was unusual on a weekday. But unfortunately, the purpose of the call was to deliver a shocking and sad news. Nope, nobody pass away (if that's what you thought and perhaps if I'm a Christian, I would say Amen.. If Amen is meant to be spoken in this manner. Anyway, I'm not ). The call delivered a news of our good friend, whom has chosen to abandon the failure of his business why disappearing himself, from his business counterparts, from his employees, from his friends, from his girlfriend and also from his family.

I'm not sure how much truth there is in this latest rumor. Perhaps there are other details behind the story which I'm not aware of, but being my usual self, I wouldn't validate much. We aren't best friends, but we were good. I feel sad that he has chosen to give up when there could've been so many other options out there. Or so I thought. But SY, whenever you are, I hope you are safe, healthy and pulling it through.

Nights SY.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Exhausted myself with 3 cans of beer, 2 hours of part time job searching in home tutoring and 1 hour of full time job searching in the auditing/banking/financial industry.... Yawns... Nights...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PY's recent development in "Almost" a relationship

The PY that almost went into a relationship with a guy she liked quite a fair bit from her work place went through the following emotional roller coaster......
  • Fun and flirtatious
  • Hot and sizzling
  • Sweet and loving
  • Annoyed and suffocated
  • Ignorant and apathetic
  • Arrogant and selfish
  • Guilty and apologetic
  • Angry and frustrated
  • Sad and disappointed
Needless to say, after going through the above emotional roller coaster, she has managed to remain Single and Singular. 

Few years back, she wouldn't give a second thought before she jumped from one relationship to another. As she grew, she became more appreciative of her partner, which she worked so hard in maintaining the relationship but yet it wouldn't work. Perhaps something went wrong in between and nobody knew what went wrong exactly. To simply things, it was a mere mismatched.

Recent developments of PY is that she managed to push away every keen man away from her life. Strictly speaking, there were neither plans nor strategy in the push-away actions. Things somehow seemed to fall in place by itself. Perhaps it's fate or perhaps it's her new found talent.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lil White is His Name

Baby Lil White
SY: What's the name of your new car?
Me: No idea yet...
SY: Lil White (in Mandarin is Xiao Pai, in Cantonese is Siew Pak).
Me: I like that :).. But my friend own a car in white as well and he has named it as Lil White. But since I like the name so much, I'll not bother but just take over my friend's car's name.

the next day....

Me: K, I decided to take over your car's name of Lil White.
K: It's okay. You can take it. I got a new name for my car.
Me: Is it... What's the new name
K: I'll call it Super Lil White (in Mandarin is Chao Chi Bai)

BTW, please remember... Lil White is a boy. My car will always be a boy. Because I'm a girl and I treat my car as though it's my baby/hubby. :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

WWK 1004

Baby, welcome on board. I love you.

Physical appearance of my baby? TBA

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crazy Bitch

A friend recently asked, if he pops up one day and tell you that he wants to mend things up, how would I react?

Without a second thought, I told my friend, it would be a NO with capitals. And I realised it has been more than a year since the ugly bit.

When my friend asked why, I told her I could never forgive myself for the silly things I did when I was with him. It's true. When I mention silly, I wasn't referring to silly sweet things that I did and I regret I did. It's the crazy bitch within myself.

I'm not being emotional and putting all the blame on myself. And neither am I being angry and putting all the blame on him. Frankly speaking, I was a bitch and he was equally bastardy as well.

He once called me a bummer who's only intrigued by alcohol and I once whacked him with an ashtray. *Sweet*

I once sneaked into his phone, msn, laptop, facebook and his house in fact. And he once sneaked into my blog and misinterpreted my "Cheating" post as cheating on him and found that post as a good excuse to break it off with me, despite me convincing and him believing me that I didn't cheat on him, but yet he insisted on the break up.

I cut myself on my hand to threaten him to stay on... He stayed but added on with a catchy phrase, that he'll despise me more with the threat and he hates irrational woman. He looked me into my eyes and told me, you're crazy. The most hurtful part is, when he looked me into my eyes, I could tell that he was being honest and serious. But didn't he realised that I was crazy because I loved him more than anything in my world. Back then.

I thanked him in a way in bringing me up. Sincerely. I'm done with rebound and done with him. I guess I will never crack another piece of glass or anything breakable for another man again. And I cross my fingers on that.

Monday, February 6, 2012

23 months to go

Projected a 23 months plan. With the consistent monthly payment that I made and a buffer of RM300 shopping per month, I would be able to clear all my credit card debts by Jan 2014. Great news isn't it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Book

Have not been writing anything here for as long as I can remember, not exaggerating but two months on my own record is quite a period. Might as well begin my first writing in 2012 with my reading habits.

Used to be quite a bookworm when I was a kid and teenager, before I was the classic good girl gone bad. But ahem, I'm not bad now. Simply because there's no bad element within the present me, and "bad" is not exactly a valid adjective to describe a woman in her late twenties. Paraphrasing, "A bad woman." Eeewww.... Alright, today is not a day to reminisce my bad girl days. Back to my reading habit, please.

My earlier reading days was Ladybird published fairy tales (that's when I wished I were Cinderella, Belle, etc), Peter & Jane (that's when I fantasized my first tree house which never realize and explain why I've chosen the word fantasize instead of wish or imagine), The Famous Five, Enid Blyton (that's when I first learnt to pronounce the name, George with one syllable instead of three syllables of Ge-Or-Ge), Sweet Valley Middle School (that's when I found my new love for purple and bought a hideous Ladylike purple jeans with the influence from Unicorn Club), Sweet Valley University (that's when I wished I had a dark & mysterious boyfriend like Jessica do) and the list can go on and on ....

Today, I walked into MPH with the initial idea to get a peep at this year's luck from the Chinese Astrology point of view. Dismayed to find that now most books are wrapped up and a peep is not an easy task. Of course, there's a message from MPH on some of the bookcase reading modestly, "Please ask for assistance if you wish to unwrap the book." What a pretentious statement when they meant to say, "Stop reading for free and please proceed to the counter for payment."

Strolling back and forth in MPH, my "take a peep" interest had turned into "buy a book" interest. It's either their book wrapping strategy is working its psychological effect on my cheapskate behavior or I'm generally shopaholic in all kinds and the condition has now deteriorated to books. Well if I'm a shopaholic, I might as well be a noble shopaholic. We generally do not term a person who always buy books as shopaholic but if a person always buy clothes, shoes, etc., he or she is definitely a shopaholic and none other else. Having said that, I shall rephrase my earlier statement to if I love to buy, I might as well be buying books than clothes. Now, that makes a big difference, isn't it >.<

Reading my above babbling, you would have thought to yourself that this book wrapping in MPH is not the latest shocking news. But that just proved a point, I really have not been reading and visiting book stores as a routine, so please bear with me.

With the buy a book idea striking me and being lost touch with the reading world for ages, out of desperation,  I googled, "book best seller" from my Iphone. Went into a website with a list of best-sellers populated. Not being much help in my indecisiveness, I continued strolling back and forth in MPH.

Just to share few of my shortlisted books which did not make it to the counter for payment:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Hmm... The movie is coming out soon and very likely of me watching it. No point to go through the same story twice, PY's philosophy.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Pulitzer Award in 1961. Seems to be too classic.
  • Steve Job Bibliography - I'm Iphone prone. But my first purchased book after more than a year, I think I can do better than just a cliche Apple fan. Perhaps I'll buy it when I pick up reading again for real. 
Finally made up my mind, Ka-Ching (my imaginary sound of an antique cash register). I bought a book! Arriving home from MPH, I eagerly unwrapped the book and began my READING. After 20 pages, I brought myself up from the couch to the bathroom for a shower. Prior to that, I messaged my friend,

"After probably a year or two since I read a book and after I read one, the effect is I'm having droopy eyes and headache." 
"Jialat to the max."
 "Perhaps Steve Jobs Bibliography would have been a better choice."
"So what is it now."
"Neither Steve nor Bibliography. I thought I needed some love in my life, so I've chosen a romantic novel."

With the romantic novel in my hand and droopy eyes on my face, I reckon I'm either lacking some romantic or literature sense. FYI, I'm reading One Day, by David Nicholls (MPH best seller guidance which is helpful for a lost reader like me). Another ironic part of the story is, I spent more time writing about the book I plan to read than the time I plan to read the book. Go back to your book, PY.