Monday, June 25, 2012

The City and Us

Melancholy mood is at times an addiction. Girlfriend of mine has been telling me how blue she is but yet when I questioned her the reason to her gloominess, she couldn't tell me the reason, but to brush off the matter as, "I'm simply blue and bored."

Loneliness? Crisis of hitting the digit 3? Melodramatic? I can't find another adjective to describe her feelings. But somehow, I understand. There's just this bit within us that thought if we were more financially comfortable, we would have been happier... But yet, it's not the money which causes this confused mind of us.

It's just the bustling city, the exhausting rat race, the malicious materialism, the endless traffic jam and the coldness of being alone, which made us forget why we were here, what were we trying to achieve, who are we, which is the right path and how did we become who we are right this moment. Looking at the mirror, this stranger like face, I asked myself, where did all my ambitions go? Long drown by the hectic life in this city called, Kuala Lumpur.