Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm a fool

Heartbroken, sort of. Again and again. PY or Jodie, I'm confused. My name is as confusing as my thoughts. See, I can't even differentiate whether I'm heartbroken or I'm merely agonized by the fact that I was left before I leave. To conclude, there's this pinch of pain in my heart. I'm not sure of the cause of this pain, whether it's loneliness or the particular person or the stupid emotional songs I'm blasting through my earphones while the songs play their tricks on my mind (now it's playing Celine Dion, All by Myself. How pathetic can this get?). I reckon it's the person.

First of all, why do I have to fall for a jet-setter? Naively, from the little gestures, I thought he's different. Different in my own definition, is that you can find some old school pinch of gestures within a bad ass man. Yeah, I lured myself into believing that. The worst part was, I allowed things to run out of control. And the most unforgivable part was, I have to slipped on the very last day. Composed for so many days and you have to slip on the very last day? Jodie .. Jodie ... When will you ever learn your lesson?

 Fuck... Damn it.