Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Book

Have not been writing anything here for as long as I can remember, not exaggerating but two months on my own record is quite a period. Might as well begin my first writing in 2012 with my reading habits.

Used to be quite a bookworm when I was a kid and teenager, before I was the classic good girl gone bad. But ahem, I'm not bad now. Simply because there's no bad element within the present me, and "bad" is not exactly a valid adjective to describe a woman in her late twenties. Paraphrasing, "A bad woman." Eeewww.... Alright, today is not a day to reminisce my bad girl days. Back to my reading habit, please.

My earlier reading days was Ladybird published fairy tales (that's when I wished I were Cinderella, Belle, etc), Peter & Jane (that's when I fantasized my first tree house which never realize and explain why I've chosen the word fantasize instead of wish or imagine), The Famous Five, Enid Blyton (that's when I first learnt to pronounce the name, George with one syllable instead of three syllables of Ge-Or-Ge), Sweet Valley Middle School (that's when I found my new love for purple and bought a hideous Ladylike purple jeans with the influence from Unicorn Club), Sweet Valley University (that's when I wished I had a dark & mysterious boyfriend like Jessica do) and the list can go on and on ....

Today, I walked into MPH with the initial idea to get a peep at this year's luck from the Chinese Astrology point of view. Dismayed to find that now most books are wrapped up and a peep is not an easy task. Of course, there's a message from MPH on some of the bookcase reading modestly, "Please ask for assistance if you wish to unwrap the book." What a pretentious statement when they meant to say, "Stop reading for free and please proceed to the counter for payment."

Strolling back and forth in MPH, my "take a peep" interest had turned into "buy a book" interest. It's either their book wrapping strategy is working its psychological effect on my cheapskate behavior or I'm generally shopaholic in all kinds and the condition has now deteriorated to books. Well if I'm a shopaholic, I might as well be a noble shopaholic. We generally do not term a person who always buy books as shopaholic but if a person always buy clothes, shoes, etc., he or she is definitely a shopaholic and none other else. Having said that, I shall rephrase my earlier statement to if I love to buy, I might as well be buying books than clothes. Now, that makes a big difference, isn't it >.<

Reading my above babbling, you would have thought to yourself that this book wrapping in MPH is not the latest shocking news. But that just proved a point, I really have not been reading and visiting book stores as a routine, so please bear with me.

With the buy a book idea striking me and being lost touch with the reading world for ages, out of desperation,  I googled, "book best seller" from my Iphone. Went into a website with a list of best-sellers populated. Not being much help in my indecisiveness, I continued strolling back and forth in MPH.

Just to share few of my shortlisted books which did not make it to the counter for payment:

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Hmm... The movie is coming out soon and very likely of me watching it. No point to go through the same story twice, PY's philosophy.
  • To Kill a Mockingbird - Pulitzer Award in 1961. Seems to be too classic.
  • Steve Job Bibliography - I'm Iphone prone. But my first purchased book after more than a year, I think I can do better than just a cliche Apple fan. Perhaps I'll buy it when I pick up reading again for real. 
Finally made up my mind, Ka-Ching (my imaginary sound of an antique cash register). I bought a book! Arriving home from MPH, I eagerly unwrapped the book and began my READING. After 20 pages, I brought myself up from the couch to the bathroom for a shower. Prior to that, I messaged my friend,

"After probably a year or two since I read a book and after I read one, the effect is I'm having droopy eyes and headache." 
"Jialat to the max."
 "Perhaps Steve Jobs Bibliography would have been a better choice."
"So what is it now."
"Neither Steve nor Bibliography. I thought I needed some love in my life, so I've chosen a romantic novel."

With the romantic novel in my hand and droopy eyes on my face, I reckon I'm either lacking some romantic or literature sense. FYI, I'm reading One Day, by David Nicholls (MPH best seller guidance which is helpful for a lost reader like me). Another ironic part of the story is, I spent more time writing about the book I plan to read than the time I plan to read the book. Go back to your book, PY.