Monday, March 26, 2012

Lil White is His Name

Baby Lil White
SY: What's the name of your new car?
Me: No idea yet...
SY: Lil White (in Mandarin is Xiao Pai, in Cantonese is Siew Pak).
Me: I like that :).. But my friend own a car in white as well and he has named it as Lil White. But since I like the name so much, I'll not bother but just take over my friend's car's name.

the next day....

Me: K, I decided to take over your car's name of Lil White.
K: It's okay. You can take it. I got a new name for my car.
Me: Is it... What's the new name
K: I'll call it Super Lil White (in Mandarin is Chao Chi Bai)

BTW, please remember... Lil White is a boy. My car will always be a boy. Because I'm a girl and I treat my car as though it's my baby/hubby. :D