Monday, May 14, 2012


Exhausted myself with 3 cans of beer, 2 hours of part time job searching in home tutoring and 1 hour of full time job searching in the auditing/banking/financial industry.... Yawns... Nights...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PY's recent development in "Almost" a relationship

The PY that almost went into a relationship with a guy she liked quite a fair bit from her work place went through the following emotional roller coaster......
  • Fun and flirtatious
  • Hot and sizzling
  • Sweet and loving
  • Annoyed and suffocated
  • Ignorant and apathetic
  • Arrogant and selfish
  • Guilty and apologetic
  • Angry and frustrated
  • Sad and disappointed
Needless to say, after going through the above emotional roller coaster, she has managed to remain Single and Singular. 

Few years back, she wouldn't give a second thought before she jumped from one relationship to another. As she grew, she became more appreciative of her partner, which she worked so hard in maintaining the relationship but yet it wouldn't work. Perhaps something went wrong in between and nobody knew what went wrong exactly. To simply things, it was a mere mismatched.

Recent developments of PY is that she managed to push away every keen man away from her life. Strictly speaking, there were neither plans nor strategy in the push-away actions. Things somehow seemed to fall in place by itself. Perhaps it's fate or perhaps it's her new found talent.