Monday, July 9, 2012

Life as a beginner property agent

In bombastic term, they call it Real Estate Negotiator... In layman term, they call it Property Agent.

Can't recall how the idea of me venturing into this profession all started, but it was somewhere in between the lines of, "My financial capability is stretch to the cap like the cap and floor of options and I need real hard cash badly to settle my debts. If all turns out well, I might even afford the down payment for my much sought after first property of my own."

So with the wild idea on my mind, I made two calls to friends whom are property agents, asking for a favor of networking me into the realty company. Within the day, I went out for a coffee session with the said friend and ended up strutting into the realty company, meeting the boss like a piece of blank, white and crisply fresh piece of paper in the property industry.

Somehow by luck, the boss accepted me as a part timer (which they claimed historically they'd never hired one). Next I waited the call of a free training session as promised. (MNC realty companies charge newly recruit agents for training).

Being optimistic, I went up to the office the following week, naively thinking I'll be provided with training, name cards, access card, email address and property listings. Nope, lady luck was not on my side this time, perhaps she has exhausted herself after the first time luck she decided to bless me. I attended the full day training by my team leader but the rest of the resources were yet to be provided. He told me patience is the key word. I left the realty company after that full day training feeling puzzled. Why the obstacles given if they were keen in hiring me, as they mentioned they were.

The third week, total silent from the realty company. During the weekend, I lamented to the friend who has helped me to pull the network, "They are not responding and I wonder why...." The next day, I received a call from the team leader, announcing to me, "Congratulations, you are officially accepted as an agent of our company. Welcome to our company!" After hanging up, myself confused again, didn't the boss welcome me as their agent on our first meeting?

The fourth week, I went to the realty company again... This time more fruitful, received the access card, website training, on site viewing and one vacant property available for rental (yeah... still no name cards, email address and property listings). The next day after my desperate efforts to impress the team leader that I am a MOTIVATED, KEEN & SERIOUS AGENT, I finally got the property listing. But each potential tenant that I talked to, each cold calls that I made, each arrogant buyers (I'm not referring to certain buyers but most buyers are arrogant and snobbish to property agents) that I approached, I was required to report the details to my team leader. Thinking to myself, "Damn... I'm not a kid or fresh graduate student here. Just let go and stop the strict monitoring on me, OKAY!"

After much hard work, I've finally gained the trust and acknowledgement from my team leader. He gave me the freedom that I've long yearned. Like a kid, happily being set free from a grounding session, I started approaching the potential tenants, buyers and owners. After two tiring and mind exhausting days, I begin to appreciate my team leader's training of soft skills (a.k.a not telling the truth at times which I strongly and silently disagreed when I was taught of it) and I begin to appreciate his strict monitoring of my activities. All is meant for my own good and at times though I may not like it, not telling the truth would have helped more than telling the truth. I can feel the pain now, it's not really that easy and straight forward.

Currently struggling at the beginner stage, where I have owners but no tenants and tenants but no owners. Crossing my finger, I hope my first attempt will succeed tomorrow (be it a sale or rent of property). Like I tell WY and C, this is not easy. Of the 100 opportunities that come along, if 10 are closed deals, I'm considered lucky. It may be tough and non rewarding in this beginning stage, but so long as I believe and continue trying, life is hopeful.

My first unit with real taken photo and not copied from the website