Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love is in the air

You've got such an addiction with the other person that you couldn't stop thinking about him every hour of the day... (I'm not gonna say it's every minute of the day though every minute of the day seems to rhyme better than every hour of the day, simply because the latter is the truth and I'm not a teenager which makes it impossible to think of a person every minute of the day as we do have a life to live :P)

I tried my best in refraining myself from messages or all means to be in touch with him every now and then. To be honest, messages alone is insufficient, meeting up would have been the best.

Sounds like I'm not thinking straight huh... But it's kinda sweet because it has been quite awhile since my heart can race so fast, in regardless of whether he's right in front of me or not.

The funniest part is, to suppress my irrational thoughts and to control myself.... I'm actually numbing myself with alcohol. That way, I can just go sleep in an unconscious mind. Too tired to think and react to the stupid thoughts.

LIfe as a Property Agent 2

Month 1

Rent a unit
Sold a unit

Month 2

Rent 7 units
Sold a unit

Month 3

Rent 4 units
Sold a unit

Overall conclusion.. Rewarding but it's not as easy as it seems. Exhausted myself to the max.... But looking at the reducing debts... I know there's hope and it can go further. :)