Thursday, November 22, 2012

I love Mr Ego

I hate egoistic man but I tend to fall for those with the biggest ego issue. Damn, what's wrong with me.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Someone to remember

Benny. Born on 15th Feb 1983. I'll remember that. :)

Honesty being an old school thought

The way my mom brought me up, honesty is the best policy. Though, she brought me up believing this in a stringent way. And if you are wondering what exactly does stringent way means, it means I get beaten up like one hell whenever I tell a lie. Nah... that's not child abuse. Being an 80's baby in a small town, that's not child abuse. I love her as much, despite all.

So all the years, I believed in it. Believed in honesty being the best policy. I still do right now.

But the thing is, in life sometimes we just prefer sugar-coated words. Without a second thought of whether it's true or not, sugar-coated words is simply sweeter, provided the fact that you didn't sugar coat it in a way that it's being overboard.

Putting some examples into the picture, I could've told WY how jerky the other guy was and how bitchy the other girl was, but usually I'll ended up with some not-so-nice comments. Being fair and objective, I told what was in my mind, which was the truth from my perspective. But you can't be upset if a person is being honest, right? However, putting myself in her shoes, I know the sugar coated words would have made her felt better about the situation.

I guess at times, if I can't lie be it white lies or the other, I should just learn to shut my mouth up. At least silence in away, could be concurring to the statement. Or neutral.