Thursday, November 28, 2013

Accountant to Real Estate Negotiator... in doubt but determine...

As I browsed through my blog, I realised it has been sometime since I write something here. It doesn't mean I have not been giving a deep thought to my future plans and it doesn't mean I've not been contemplating on others. But perhaps in a more cheapskate way, these days, figures matter more than words... (instead of actions speak louder than words).

Whether I leave my profession as an accountant to a property negotiator is a wise choice or not, (though once a month I still get a raise on my client's eye brow of my choice in career from a respected professional to a not-so-respected professional, but still a profession, in the Malaysian style...), I still stand firm on my decision. That's the thing about Taureans (if I can blame it on Zodiac..), we are stubborn in a negative way, but we are determine in a positive way, which is just a thin line in between.

Sometimes I thought to myself, why am I so determined? Is it because of the flexibility of working hours? Maybe a lil bit. Is it because I hate to be restricted in a 20x20 square feet workspace? (if I'm lucky enough to be promoted to the level, otherwise it could be lesser) Is it because I earn more? (Minus off the epf contribution and whatsoever benefits that I could make use, I could be earning lesser at certain less fortunate months).

I don't know what's the ultimate reason. But being a risk-adverse person for most of my life (at least I think of myself as a risk-adverse person), I still stand firm on my choice for once being the opposite way. Perhaps as I tell friends these days, I don't work 8 hours a day but I work 7 days a week, which do you think is better? And most people can't answer. They just laugh away at my dry humor.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Whooping 56kg

I weight myself two days ago and it was like OMG... I'm fucking 56kg.. I've managed to put on 5kgs in 6 months time. Where the fuck did the 56kgs came from?

- Daily beer of minimum 3 cans
- Daily carbo
- Non exercise or attempt to exercise once a month
- Weekly sex which apparently I've been told it could lead to weight gain. Where the fuck did this came from...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Officially Unemployed

I did it! I tendered my resignation and I will be officially unemployed effective 8th August 2013. Of course I'm not going to end up as a Malaysian citizen being categorised as the unemployed of the year. I'm going into property negotiator on a full time basis.

Why such a drastic decision? Money driven? (Yes, of course). Solely money driven? (Nope, I do have some passion in property industry).

I've sacrificed some things along the way before I could see some results in this new interest of mine. I'm usually late to work in Tesco.... I'm seemed as disinterested or not focus or fail to meet the expectations of my job scope in Tesco..... But hell, just like I told J the other day, just because I arrive later at work than them and just because I earned more than them despite my lighter workload, yes, it gives them a right to be jealous, but it doesn't gives them a right to dislike me. If they felt some unfairness and wanted to release their dissatisfaction, it's not to me, but to their respective line manager and of course, Tesco. It's their problem that they did not manage to negotiate a higher pay but yet still stuck and working in Tesco. Not my problem right? Therefore, I'm making a change to my own life. Suck it up, you green, jealous, pathetic and not able to move on jerks/bastards/bitches. There! Now I feel happier after bitching about them :)

If you are a true friend reading this, please send me your best wishes. If you are a green jealous loser, suck it up you loser, I may not succeed in new career path, but at least I'm not the square moron stucked in a job that I worked "just for money". If you are a stranger reading this, I guess if you could make it till the end of this blog, you wouldn't mind sending me your best wishes too?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Significant Events so Far

Significant events lately:-

1. Date someone seriously though there's still bits & pieces which I'm unsure of or unsatisfied about, woman will always be woman.
2. Placed a RM10k booking fee on my first property. Felt ecstatic. Shared the moment with my loved one without the "s". There's more of them which I've yet to share with and there's more of them which I've shared but they just seem disinterested in that part of my life. After all, buying a property is not scarce news in KL.
3. Isolation at Tesco. I hate it, really. I've told myself repeatedly that 30 June 2013 is the last of it, but somehow there's this bit of me that is unwilling to let go.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Turning 30 years old

I'm turning 30 years old in 2 weeks time. Amazing, isn't it? Nah, amazing is not the part about turning 30 years old, but amazing is the part where I announce I'm turning 30 years old in a blog which could be googled by anyone at anyplace in the world and at any timezone. As they say, a woman never reveal her real age. But PY being PY, she loves to act the opposite way, she's just simply a 30 years old rebellious woman.

Well, officially being a woman in her early thirties soon, I guess I can indulge in some nostalgic moments here. I didn't manage to achieve what I thought I would achieve by the time I am a 30 years old woman, but I guess majority of us don't. There's two side of the story to comfort ourselves why we didn't achieve what we thought we should achieve. Story No. 1: We were young and naive and hence as we mature, we no longer want to achieve what we want to achieve back then. Story No. 2: We haven't achieve what we should achieve by this age, but doesn't mean we should give up. So long as we try hard, we would live a life without regrets.

Ok, after babbling a whole paragraph about some positive quotes and philosophies in life... Let's get into something lighter, sharing of some happy memories....

That's me when I was 21 years old. Believe it or not, I still have these set of clothings at home, but as some sleeping attire.

Those were the days of rave parties in college times... I was 22 years old

I will always miss Redang.. It's not really because of the place. Though it's beautiful, but we can always find many beautiful beaches in the world. But it's the people whom you go with and the experience you shared that made the trip always fresh in my mind. I was 23 years old

Me looking nerdy. Totally. I know... But it was my first job and within 3 months time, I was thrown to Cambodia for a job. Auditing Save The Children, where we were auditing budgets funded by Angelina Jolie and Sting. It was pretty interesting... I was 24 years old

Bali. Posted simply because I miss my slim legs back then :P I was 25 years old.

Nah, I'm not gonna post pics till I turn 30 years old. LOL

Yeah, I had a lot of fun all these years. But I had also some bitter experiences in relationships too. I know... I know... I should stop the laments. If there is really someone reading my blog, the person would thought, when will this girl stop sulking on relationships and etc.. But honestly, sulking helps.

Being arrogant, I usually boast to friends that with my past bad experiences, I can simply go through any bad relationship without a heart break nowadays. But honestly, the last I had a serious relationship was in 2010. That is 3 years ago. Well, I did date couple of guys, casually. But I always thought to myself that this will bring me nowhere but some companionship. With that attitude, I'm portrayed as a cool and independent girl.  However the moment I try to set my heart for a person, I became an ugly person. I'm possessive, jealous, demanding, rebellious and rude. Yeah, the ugly bit of me start to emerge. Thinking hard, I don't mind being an ugly person upon breakup. But what I can't take is truly, the torture of loving a person again. The torture of little little things that he do which when I was sensible, it was nothing disappointing or hurtful, but when I'm in love, it just simply felt like a knife had just made it's way through my heart.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Do you know the difference between a left hand menu person and right hand menu person? When I first heard of it, I didn't know what it was but I was a right hand menu person. Simple, a left hand menu person is the kind of person who will only look at the left side of the menu, ordering food & beverages based on their taste preference. Whereas a right hand menu person is the kind of person who will look at the left side of the menu, short list the food they would like to have and go to the right side of the menu, to finalise their order after taking into consideration the prices.

How many of us can afford to be a left hand menu person? Rarely. Even if you can afford, but you would subconsciously look at the right side of the menu. The day when you can be a left hand menu person is either the day whom you are a person who sucks in planning your expenses despite not being able to afford it or the day when you simply can afford it and you appreciate good food.

The other day, I went to Blank Canyon in Centre Point and I subconsciously became a left hand menu person. I realised that when WY settled the bill and asked how much was my food before tax and service charge and I told her, "I don't know."
In a way, I realised I've been doing much better these days, financially. I thank God for the blessings and luck so far, my parents for their tolerance and financial support in the past years despite me having a full-time professional job and my colleagues whom have shared their experience and offered their assistance so far so as I can close more deals. 

I no longer struggle to pay the bills or to have some decent food on cash, instead of credit cards. That is really, phew..... what a relief. However, the more comfortable I am presently, the more afraid I am to loose the comfort I'm having. And as the financial debts improved, I yearned for more commitments. Strange... Just when I've lifted a fair amount of financial commitments, I'm now working towards getting myself another commitment which would appreciate instead of depreciate.