Thursday, November 28, 2013

Accountant to Real Estate Negotiator... in doubt but determine...

As I browsed through my blog, I realised it has been sometime since I write something here. It doesn't mean I have not been giving a deep thought to my future plans and it doesn't mean I've not been contemplating on others. But perhaps in a more cheapskate way, these days, figures matter more than words... (instead of actions speak louder than words).

Whether I leave my profession as an accountant to a property negotiator is a wise choice or not, (though once a month I still get a raise on my client's eye brow of my choice in career from a respected professional to a not-so-respected professional, but still a profession, in the Malaysian style...), I still stand firm on my decision. That's the thing about Taureans (if I can blame it on Zodiac..), we are stubborn in a negative way, but we are determine in a positive way, which is just a thin line in between.

Sometimes I thought to myself, why am I so determined? Is it because of the flexibility of working hours? Maybe a lil bit. Is it because I hate to be restricted in a 20x20 square feet workspace? (if I'm lucky enough to be promoted to the level, otherwise it could be lesser) Is it because I earn more? (Minus off the epf contribution and whatsoever benefits that I could make use, I could be earning lesser at certain less fortunate months).

I don't know what's the ultimate reason. But being a risk-adverse person for most of my life (at least I think of myself as a risk-adverse person), I still stand firm on my choice for once being the opposite way. Perhaps as I tell friends these days, I don't work 8 hours a day but I work 7 days a week, which do you think is better? And most people can't answer. They just laugh away at my dry humor.