Thursday, July 25, 2013

Officially Unemployed

I did it! I tendered my resignation and I will be officially unemployed effective 8th August 2013. Of course I'm not going to end up as a Malaysian citizen being categorised as the unemployed of the year. I'm going into property negotiator on a full time basis.

Why such a drastic decision? Money driven? (Yes, of course). Solely money driven? (Nope, I do have some passion in property industry).

I've sacrificed some things along the way before I could see some results in this new interest of mine. I'm usually late to work in Tesco.... I'm seemed as disinterested or not focus or fail to meet the expectations of my job scope in Tesco..... But hell, just like I told J the other day, just because I arrive later at work than them and just because I earned more than them despite my lighter workload, yes, it gives them a right to be jealous, but it doesn't gives them a right to dislike me. If they felt some unfairness and wanted to release their dissatisfaction, it's not to me, but to their respective line manager and of course, Tesco. It's their problem that they did not manage to negotiate a higher pay but yet still stuck and working in Tesco. Not my problem right? Therefore, I'm making a change to my own life. Suck it up, you green, jealous, pathetic and not able to move on jerks/bastards/bitches. There! Now I feel happier after bitching about them :)

If you are a true friend reading this, please send me your best wishes. If you are a green jealous loser, suck it up you loser, I may not succeed in new career path, but at least I'm not the square moron stucked in a job that I worked "just for money". If you are a stranger reading this, I guess if you could make it till the end of this blog, you wouldn't mind sending me your best wishes too?