Saturday, August 9, 2014

2014 is the Year of Travelling

After I typed down the above title, I realised I made a mistake. 2014 is Not the Year of Travelling. 2014 is My Year of Travelling. * Beaming *

Arrogant? Yes, a lil bit. Show Off? Looks like it. (Tsk, tsk. I'm not a modest person. Hahaha) Grateful? Definitely. Proof? Read Below....

September13 ~ Melbourne, Australia
March14 ~ Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou (China)
April14 ~ Seoul, Korea
June14 ~ Bali, Indonesia
September14 ~ Bangkok, Thailand
December14 ~ Hong Kong
April15 ~ Seoul, Korea

My trips were sponsored? Nah, except for China & Indonesia. I'm a princess in a fairy tale story. Nah, I worked my ass off for them.

Just a way for me to reward myself and fill up the holiday gaps I've missed in the past.

As much as I wanted to post some travel blogs with attractive photos, I am mere lazy. Hopefully I'll find a day to do them. Right now, my addictions are travelling & preparing itinerary & boasting to friends about my itinerary & holiday experiences. I'm such a bitch : p