Friday, February 27, 2015


On a 27th February below are HOW IS MY DAY:-

DAWN:- Woke up in the middle of the night. Half frozen... Asked him to bring me clothes to warm me up. He reacted by snoring (which I asked again), and he reacted by giving me some blankets and fell back to sleep (which I asked again), and he replied with a raised tone, "What clothes!!!?".

I reacted by loosing my temper and kicked him out of the room, with his bunch of pillows, blanket & mattress.

MORNING:- Rolling all over the bed fuming. Still angry over the incident.

NOON:- Holly shit... Totally overslept for a handover to client at 11.30am. And I woke up at 12pm. It's all his fault. If he didn't ignore my request for clothes, I wouldn't have ended up with the rest of the night wide awake and with lack of sleep, and hence the fatigue and resulting of OVERSLEPT NOW...

ME:- Are we going for dinner together tonight?
HIM:- No... I am having dinner with my friends.
ME:- Hmmm.... Then what about me?
HIM:- I told you last night?? You said it's fine??
ME:- Izit..? Ok, then can you not go now? I want you to accompany me tonight.
HIM:- Hmm.... That's difficult. I already promised them.
ME:- Then can I go with you?
HIM;- No.
ME:- Why not?
HIM:- We already confirmed the no. of pax for food. It's difficult to add on another pax last minute
ME:- Okay... Then can I just go with you and not EAT? Then you guys have enough food...?
HIM:- No... It wouldn't be nice for you to sit there and not have food to eat while we are all eating. Why do you have to put me in such difficult situation?
ME:- SPEECHLESS.........................